v1.0.1 Offers Quick Design Adjustments

v1.0.1 was released yesterday. Along with some minor bug fixes, it introduced some design changes and a couple small feature adds.

While big design improvements are at least usually part of a minor release, we added them to a patch because we were seeing some confusion in navigation right out of the gate.

Reorganized Navigation

Instead of working with icons and confusing submenus on the left side of the screen, we decided to make it more apparent how we were breaking up the navigation.

We've placed the site navigation in a horizontal bar across the top of the page when you are within a particular site, and we're now using labels instead of icons for each of these items.

Feature Navigation

Meanwhile, sub-navigation menus are subject to the particular feature or space within the site builder that you are viewing. We've moved these to the righthand side of the page and nestled them under the page title.

Together, separating and rethinking these menus makes it a little easier to move around. But, we know we don't have it perfect yet, so if you have ideas we want to hear them.

Form Tabs

Tabs within forms have also been redesigned to make them stand out from the rest of the form content. This should make moving around a form a little easier.

Ordering Pages by Position

Previously, we had only enabled pages to be ordered by position if they were root level pages. And, because of that, we hid the position field on nested pages. Now, if a page type is to be ordered by position, then the position field will appear in the nested form.

Site-Specific Settings

Site settings can now be accessed via the site_settings helper method in any of your template files.