v1.5 Small, But Overdue

Sapwood development continues to maintain stamina, and I'm happy to announce that we're already at v1.5, and staying on track of one minor release every month.

v1.5 is nothing special, but it was completely necessary. Instead of waiting for a larger minor release, I decided to wrap up a few, small (but important) features, and give them their own release.

In addition to fixing a few bugs, we have the following new features:

Selective Form Notifications

Previously, you were limited to sending a notification to one or more users when a form was filled out on your site.

Using the same field as before, you can now specify email notifications based on a value in a given field. It looks like this:


The name is the name attribute for the field. You can find it as the small, grey text next to the field in the field listing for that form.

So, for example, if I wanted to send George a notification when the subject is Cheese, and Lillian gets a notice when the subject is Pizza, and Bob always gets a notification (because he's Bob), the field would look like this:|subject|Cheese|subject|Pizza

Thanks to my good friend, Warren Harrison, for his effort on this feature.

Search Form Helpers

It seems the clients I'm working for are always wanting search functions on their site (which deserves its own discussion), and I kept writing the same, long code every time. So wrapped it up in Sapwood.

Now you have the following methods available for your sites:

  • viewer_search_form: Renders a search form with an optional custom page route (other than search)
  • viewer_search_results: Fetches the search results based on the params of viewer_search_form (won't work with a custom form).
  • viewer_paginated_search_results: Paginates the search results based on a per_page argument.
  • render_viewer_search_results: Renders the search results into divs with titles and descriptions.


It's hidden, and it's just one simple shortcut, but it starts the process of bringing keyboard shortcuts into Sapwood for workflow enhancement.

The only shortcut today is Alt+L, which will show your media library without reloading the page you are on.

I hope to add on this very soon.

There hasn't been a good way to get to the url for a given image, or a cropped version of an image ... until now! There is a link icon on each file in your media library and it will show the url options for that file.

Cropper Cleanup

Previously, the cropper was not working well when images were wider than the window. As a real quick fix, images will always be 800px wide when cropping. This will likely change in the future, but it fixes the issues for very large images.

That's about it! Thank you for using Sapwood.