Rake Tasks

Rake tasks are a great way to automate repeated tasks. We continue to add rake tasks to the Sapwood project to make it easier to work with.

If you have an idea for a task that should be added to Sapwood, add it!

The utilities/tasks.rake file is for building site-specific rake tasks. And, frankly, that's about where this discussion ends. Anything you need to do for that site, add it to your tasks.rake file and voila!

The only recommendation of any importance is that you namespace your tasks with your (underscored) project slug.

namespace :my_site do
  desc 'My first task'
  task :my_first_task => :environment do

That task would then be accessible by running the following command.

$ bundle exec rake my_site:my_first_task

This simple helps avoid conflict with other tasks.

At any time, you can see all available tasks by running:

$ bundle exec rake -vT