Previewing Your Site

It's nice to be able to preview your site as your developing, and we've made the process fairly straightforward.

At this point, you need to know your site's slug. When you're working in the builder, you've probably noticed the URL is something like this:


To get to the preview, all you have to do is replace the sites prefix with preview, and then everything after your slug. The example above becomes:


And that is the home page preview for your site.

This works in both development and production.

Using the URL

Of course, you can also just use the URL setting for your site to go directly to the site. In production, this assumes that URL's A-record is pointing to the IP address of your production server.

In development, you can add an entry for that URL /etc/hosts file to point to

WARNING! If you edit your hosts file in development, make sure you change it before you go live, AND don't forget you'll need the :3000 after the domain name so you can target the port as well.