There are two types of users of the app: developers and editors. The permissions within Sapwood differ greatly depending on which type you are.

Creating Users

Users, no matter their role, are created in the Users section of a site.

This tab also lists all users who have access to the builder of the current site, along with their role within your Sapwood application.


Developers have full access to every site and setting within your Sapwood application. You only want to designate a user as a developer if any of the following are true:

  • They need to deploy project code
  • They are responsible for managing the content structure of the site (i.e. editing templates)
  • They are responsible for managing users within the application

All other users should be editors, and you should add them to each site as they need access.


Editors have limited responsibility within the sites to which they've been granted access. Editors can:

  • Edit pages
  • View/Edit form submissions
  • Manage (view/edit/delete) media

All other functionality is reserved for developers.