Media Library

The media library is a collection of all the files uploaded to the site.

At this time, only image and pdf files are allowed to be uploaded.

Adding Files

Adding files is simple. Go to the library and choose "New Document." The file will be uploaded on the fly. When it's done, a thumbnail preview of the file will appear (even for pdf files).

You can also upload files on the fly from any page with a custom file field.

Adding to Pages

There are two ways in which you can associate a document to a page: template fields and direct association.

Template Field

You can create a file field on a template. This would create a pseudo belongs_to association for the field you create. So, this would be instances where you only need to associate one specific type of document. For example, an Article template may have a featured_image field on it.

Direct Association

You can also choose for all pages of a template to be allowed to have their own, segmented media libraries (although files added to them will still be accessible from the site's media library). You wan to use this option in the case where you need to add multiple images to a specific type of page.

See this section for more information.

Cropping Images

You can define custom croppers in each site's settings. You give a name for the cropper and set the dimensions, and it takes place automatically.

There are a couple quirks to consider here:

  • Cropping an image is only available from the media library (not directly from a page).
  • The thumbnail preview for an image is auto-generated. A custom cropper will not override this, and the thumbnail will never be adjusted - it will always crop to the middle of the image.

Categorizing Files

Currently, all files are lumped together and organized by upload date. This feature will be developed throughout a later v1 minor release.