Welcome to Sapwood's documentation. With this project being small and young, the documentation is among the first pass at explaining how to use the app. As this product grows and matures, it will become easier to use, and the docs will continue to hone in on how to teach it.

If you are brand new to sapwood and really want to learn, I've set up the documentation to work essentially like a book - you can simply make your way sequentially through the chapters and sections.

Designed for Developers

While Sapwood is always getting easier to use, it is designed for developers, and developers' team members. In other words, this assumes you've run a Ruby on Rails project previously.

Sapwood should not be your first Ruby on Rails project. While I've worked hard to make it intuitive and easy, it skips a lot of steps that are beneficial to learning how to use rails.

If you are new to rails, I suggest you build at least a demo app before messing around with Sapwood. It will make your process much easier. Or, at the very least, give this article a read before you begin.


The most important thing you should take away from these docs is if you can't find an answer, ask a question.

Doc Version

I try to keep up on the docs as best as I can, such that they reflect the most recent version of the code. Sometimes they are delayed after a release.

Current Docs Representing: v1.4.x